There's lots to explore in Schenna and around Meran.

Do you love mountains, sun and all the beauty of South Tyrol? We've got some tips and advice to help you explore Schenna, Meran and South Tyrol.

A holiday in Schenna means treating yourself to some very enjoyable days. South Tyrol is a varied and surprising place. We have selected some very special things to see and do around Schenna. Follow all the suggestions you like!

Schenna is a real paradise for hikers and mountain-bikers. Beginners or experts, lovers of quiet walks or difficult climbs, e-bike enthusiasts or extreme cyclists: there are enjoyable trips for everyone here, whatever your preference or level of skill.

Or perhaps you prefer golf, minigolf or tennis, or even sledging in the middle of summer? In and around Schenna, there's a huge choice of fun and exciting leisure activities, with something for every sort of weather. Those who wish can really find a thousand things to do.

The famous Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are just five minutes' drive from Schenna. These beautiful grounds extend for over twelve hectares and contain a splendid variety of plants and flowers. In addition to some rare species, you can also see examples of all the different types of vegetation found in our region. From high mountain flowers to typical Mediterranean flora: all the varied plant-life of South Tyrol is on show in this little area.

One of the outstanding features of Schenna is the apple. We are literally surrounded by a huge expanse of apple orchards. Visitors who come to Schenna at apple-blossom time are always delighted by the sea of white petals at their feet. During the apple harvest, on the other hand, the farmers are constantly on the go, and the air is filled with the intense scent of apples.

Schenna and Meran offer some very special delights, particularly for nature-lovers. In this area, traditional South Tyrolean culture encounters the typical lifestyle of the south. The more Mediterranean flora of the valley floor, with its palms and cypresses, slowly gives way to less striking but still attractive alpine plants as you ascend towards the South Tyrolean Alps. In the same way, the pleasure of walking along mountain paths contrasts with the carefree enjoyment of strolling through a town or floating in a big swimming-pool: leading to a richer type of life - not just for our guests.

Sport, entertainment & culture
Events in Schenna

Schenna stages many events during the year, adding extra interest and attraction to this tourist paradise.

The "Südtirol Classic" Oldtimer Rally, the Nordic Walking weeks in spring, the regular concerts by the Schenna wind orchestra and many other Open Air performances, ensure that both local people and visitors can enjoy a varied and exciting programme throughout the year. 


Autumn pleasures
The "Törggelen"

The "Törggelen" is South Tyrol's most important gastronomic tradition. In autumn, when the grape harvest is over and the wine is beginning to mature in the barrels, many farmers open up their "stube" and cellars to visitors. These people can then sample the new wine, accompanied by delicious cured meats and lovely roast chestnuts. In and around Schenna, there are many farmhouses and inns that offer this memorable experience, so typical of autumn.

Gastronomic specialities, fashion or jewellery
Shopping in Schenna

Would you like to take a stroll round the shops in Schenna? You'll find South Tyrolean and Mediterranean delicacies, Italian fashion and footwear and some fantastic jewellery creations. With its many small shops and numerous bars and restaurants, Schenna is a lively and interesting little town and well worth a visit. 

A trip to Meran or Bozen

For shopping, walking, relaxing, or cultural events: a visit to Meran is always sure to please. This famous spa town, with its splendid monuments and pleasant streets, is just a few minutes away from Schenna and easily reached by bus. Meran has much to offer on the cultural front. For example, there are regular concerts in the Kursaal (Great Hall) featuring world-famous artists.

Bozen, our regional capital, offers a wonderful combination of South Tyrolean tradition and Italian charm. The town is only 30 km from Schenna, and makes the ideal choice for a day trip.

Perhaps the most famous of all "South Tyroleans" has taken up residence in the centre of town. You'll find him in the South Tyrol archaeological museum, and he's known as Ötzi, the Ice-man. The museum contains many other interesting exhibits and informative displays, and is one of the most popular in the whole region.